The inspiring story of the Blessing Flower

The Blessing Flower is a real flower, naturally growing in the Judean Desert in Israel. 

Our founder, Galya Harish, stumbled upon it during a challenging time in her life. (Which is why she believes, that it was rather the flower that found her (learn more).

After several years of research, we managed to grow the flowers ourselves and developed a unique method of grooming the flowers, each petal to be exact, so that you can experience this miracle in all of its magnitude. The process takes many hours and because it is a natural flower and we want it to be perfect for you, less than 20% of the flowers are chosen for our jewelry and the rest are returned to the desert (learn more).

The Blessing Flower grows in the desert in harsh conditions where it blooms once a year like a little daisy.

It then dries in the desert sun with the petals closing to protect its gentle seeds (which is when we collect the flowers and bring them to our studio and you can in the image how they look like when we bring them in).

Every time water is present the Blessing Flower opens its petals, releasing some of the petals into their new life, then closing to protect the remaining seeds. 

This re-blooming movement happens numerous times a year, for decades. We met someone who collected the flower 60 years ago, forgot about it in a box, for 40 years, until she had grandchildren. She now opens the Blessing Flower for them, every time they come over. And the flower blooms!


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