Our Story

Many people ask us how we found the Blessing Flower....
Actually, we really believe that it had found us…


The Blessing Flower was revealed to our founder, Galya during a very challenging period in her life both personally and professionally.

She used to hike to think and search for answers within herself, and in one of these hikes, in the desert not far from her home in Jerusalem, she found The Blessing Flower.

She was amazed that this little desert flower, growing in harsh conditions, with limited resources and looking a bit fragile was actually so sturdy and resilient that it could bloom again & again for so many years! 

She was so inspired by this powerful reminder that life is filled with blessings to be thankful for and that we too are so strong and can overcome life's challenges – and bloom again! 

She decided to share this unique gift of inspiration with others. It took a few more years until we managed to grow the flowers in captivity and this is when The Blessing Flower jewelry & gift was born.

Today the Blessing Flowers serves as inspiration not only to customers world wide, but also to our unique team of remarkable women,     each with its own story of courage and strength, preparing the Blessing Flower for you, with love and care. 

The Blessing Flower is guaranteed to bloom repeatedly for decades. 
If anything happens to it, for any reason, please contact us and we will replace it.
Care instructions

Following these simple instructions will insure that your Blessing Flower will continue to bloom for many years:

If any thing happens to it or if you have any questions, please contact us at: info@theblessingflower.com