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The Miracle flower that blooms again & again, any time you want, for years!

Think how amazing this is - a real flower, thousands of miles away from its land, set on a pendant - yet it re-blooms again & again, for decades! Our Guarantee

It's really hard to believe! But it does!

We've been inspiring customers for over 7 years now, growing the flowers ourselves and preparing them with love in their long journey from the plant to your jewelry. 

Its hard to grasp, because it is not like anything you have ever seen in your life.

And this flower is so inspiring because we are all just like the Blessing Flower. Beautiful & resilient, we go through good seasons and through more challenging times, sometimes we are opened to the world and sometimes we need to keep within ourselves and regain our energies to bloom again.

And what's most important, when we love and believe in ourselves, then we are open and attract all the good that the world has to offer us ❤️

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