Choker necklace with Blessing Flower


Care Instructions

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  • A gorgeous choker necklace with a Blessing Flower. 14" faux suede necklace + 3" gold plated extension necklace. It is exquisitely designed to carry the Blessing Flower. Let it bloom for you, reminding you of your journey and the blessings it holds.

  • To make it bloom, just drip a few drops of water on the flower, or dip it in water for 10-30 sec. Blessing Flower will fully bloom in 1-2 min and stay open for about an hour each time. Touch the middle with a wet finger to keep it opened longer. Will re-bloom as often as you want. Guaranteed!
  • Gold plated pendant with a large Blessing Flower.


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Care instructions

Following these simple instructions will insure that your Blessing Flower will continue to bloom for many years:

If any thing happens to it or if you have any questions, please contact us at: