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Abundance Mandala Silver
Abundance Mandala Silver
Abundance Mandala Silver
Abundance Mandala Silver
Abundance Mandala Silver

Abundance Mandala Silver

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A flower of abundance and strength! Reminding you that you are blessed and loved.

  • Lifetime Guarantee. Blessing Flowers will re-bloom for over 30 years. Many times daily or once a year. Any time you want.
  • Sturdy and resilient and will not break or fail to bloom.
  • Blooms in 1-3 min & stays open 1 hour each time.


Reminding you that you are loved and blessed!

  • Arrives in a gift box with inspirational text & simple instructions.
  • 1”X1” Abundance Mandala Pendant. Arrives with a sterling 16.5” chain.
  • Cubic Zirconia may take 2 days to ship.

Scarce & Mysterious Flowers

These flowers grow in the Judean desert in Israel. Shy and secretive, they date back to biblical times but are not widely known. We spent several years studying them until we managed to grow them ourselves, so as not to take from the desert.

The flowers grow on the plant only once a year and bloom like a little daisy. Then during 3 months under the desert sun, the magic happens as the flowers transform into an ever-blooming stunning dry flower. 

We treat each flower as a precious gem, and through detailed handmade craftsmanship we remove the hardship of the desert trim each petal and set free the timeless beauty of this magical flower. Less than 10% of the flowers can be used, and the rest are returned to the desert where we grow them.

A Reminder to Embrace & Celebrate Yourself. 

Life is cyclical. The Blessing Flower blooms and then closes back up. Again & again. So do you. Sometimes we are energetic and feel in bloom, sometimes we don’t have energy and need some quiet time to focus, heal, think and regain our energies.

To Open A Blessing Flower

Drip a few drops of water on it, dip it in water for 10-30 sec (the more you wet it, the faster and longer will it open. But do not dip it for more than 60 sec each time). If needed, add a few drops of water or dip it briefly again once it starts to open.

It will fully open within 1-3 min and stay opened for about an hour each time. To keep it opened, just touch the middle with a wet finger.

You can open it numerous times a day or not open it for many years. It will still bloom once you wet it!